Authorization is done with HTTP headers. Each request to Adjust App Automation (unless stated otherwise) requires a valid Adjust API Token to be sent in a HTTP header called AdjustAuthorization

All Adjust App Automation requests that control Adjust dashboard would be performed on behalf of the user owning the Adjust API Token.

Adjust API Token#

The Adjust API Token can be obtained by visiting Adjust Dashboard User Details Page.

Format of the AdjustAuthorization token is:

"AdjustAuthorization: Token <Adjust API Token>"


For security purposes, Adjust API Token used with Adjust App Automation should belong to specific user only used for Adjust App Automation and should be kept safe and secret.

Signature Token#

If the account is using SDK Signature v2 automation another header called SignatureAuthorization token is required to be included in the request.

The SignatureAuthorization token is provided, upon request, by your Account Manager.

Format of the SignatureAuthorization token is:

"SignatureAuthorization: Token <Adjust Signature Token>"

Authorization Example#

$ curl \
--header "AdjustAuthorization: Token <Adjust API Token>" \
--header "SignatureAuthorization: Token <Adjust Signature Token>" \