There is number of apps for which the client wants to run marketing campaigns, on a predefined set of networks.

Usually, client should add each New App on Adjust Dashboard manually and set, for example, the tracker and partner settings for each of these apps to proper values.

Using Template apps#

Alternative to manual setup is to create a Template app with all the required settings and then use Adjust App Automation API to create new apps based on Template app as a template.

This is done by making a simple API request to Adjust App Automation. The request will schedule a job which will create a new app on Adjust Dashboard and migrate all the settings from the Template app to the newly created app in the background.

We say migrate as the settings are not simply copied, we still need to run all the setup for the app just based on template settings.

Using template apps, the client can make a number of request to the API equal to the number of apps they need to create and make them all automatically have proper settings which is a large time saving in terms of manual work.


Important thing to keep in mind is that apps created with Adjust App Automation API should not be later edited by hand on the Adjust Dashboard as all the manual changes would be re-written on any subsequent Adjust App Automation run.

App specific settings#

Some settings, for example partners, might require additional data which is specific for that app and those should be sent along within the request, for example app id of the app on the network.

If any required data is missing those trackers and partners would be skipped in the process of settings migration.

Additional automation features#

The client can use same Adjust App Automation API to retrieve the app data, update the settings, set per app overrides and even generates app SDK signatures for the apps.